10 Things You Can Do To Become smart Everyday

smart people
Written by Aaron

“Intelligence is not limited to a degree or an experience; rather, it’s the accumulation of what we have studied in the books and learned on the streets.” Smart people have wisdom to make a sound decision at the crucial moment; know how to make the best out of the bad situation; are dedicated and regimented individuals. Everything has it beginning. No one just woke up to be smart, they all learned some simple skills.

Here are ten things to do to have a mind that can see the external for the object of beauty and enlightenment that it truly is.follow these simple steps to become smart.

1. Ask questions

Smart people  possess a curious mind. It is the mark of a smart person to ask question in other to increases their understanding of their surroundings and everything that comes their way or required of them.

2. Learn a new skills

Everyday present an opportunity to learn a new skills. Take an online course, learn new language, or learn a new hobby to expand your views and horizons.

3. Exercise

According to research, running improves your cognitive skills. it also gets you in shape.

4. Eat healthy

In other to boost your brain’s health, Scientists recommend the Mediterranean diet. It suggest a well balanced diet – eating fish and poultry twice a week and lots of fruit.

5. Challenge Your Brain

Brainstorming games, Puzzles, Sudoku and other games like Escape Room will keep your mind engaged, refreshed, and always active.

6. Connect with smart people

Associating your self with people influence you depending on their kind. Be around smart people  to expand your perspective and understanding of the world and all that is within it. Be eager to always learn a two or more from them everyday.

7. Keep a journal

Writing down your thoughts or events lets you keep track of your day turns out and also helps you  exercise your memory

8. Change your Routine

We are one way or the other stuck at following one particular routine. NO!  Take a different rout to work , use your non dominant hand for your daily simple activities such as brushing your teeth or writing. This forces you to pay attention, make new connections with yourself and others, and also boost your brains creativity.

9. Get some Rest

Allow yourself plenty of R&R. The brain needs downtime to process new information and refresh itself. To do active work and smart thinking, allow yourself some fair sleep and rest.

10. Explore Unfamiliar Topics

Don’t stay at your comfort zone with an idea in one particular field. Connect with people who knows different things apart from your own. You can take a a topic concerning the universe, or nature. You can also subscribe to new sites such as ‘Today i found out’ to expose your mind to new ideas and topics. Explore!