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4 Ways to Be an Authentic Leader & Why You Must

authentic leader
Written by Aaron

Your authenticity as a leader plays a major role in employee job satisfaction.

Sometimes we fail to connect with our employees, and they most often fail to see us as their leaders. Research has shown that; “an employee’s perception of authentic leadership is the strongest predictor of his or her job satisfaction, commitment to the organization, and overall happiness at work.” Some leadership skills come naturally while others has to be learned and mastered before an authentic leader is acquired. According to professor Bill George; “it takes more than just showing up to work to come across as an authentic leader”.  More is expected of you, and that simple-more will make the difference. As it is important for you to push yourself forward and learn, here are four simple tips which when taken into consideration will make an authentic leader out of a common leader and also increase your authenticity in your employees’ eyes.


1. Share your Feelings Freely

The level at which people connect with each other has nothing to do with the mind but the heart. It is an important task to find a connection with your employees at a personal level; even though you may not want to absolutely open up with them. As suggested by expects “one way might be to share what you are excited to work on and why you choose that. What makes you nervous? What keeps you awake at night? These are sure feelings which will resonate with your employees.

2. Recognize and Admit your mistakes

No human is perfect so we all tend to make mistakes consciously or unconsciously sometimes. As the proverb goes, to err is “human”. Every Leader is just as human as their employees, and it is natural as a human to make mistake in the course of your endeavor. When there is a mistake, recognize it and assign the right employees in helping you to solve it. This creates a connection between you and your employees at human level and also help employees to admit their mistakes in the future. Admitting ones mistake as a leader creates a certain culture among your team; where everyone helps each other for the sake of team and family.

 3. Tell Them Whole Story With Every Detail

It is not every gathering or meeting that your employees are allowed to go except you. As this happens, it is the duty of an authentic leader to give your employees an overview of the whole story discussed if it’s for business development. When they are aware of the overall story, your employees will feel included and thus more invested in the role they play, their work, and the organization in general. Instead of sharing only outcomes with your employees, share the problem; how it was solved; who was involved in solving it; and what were the different suggestions and points of views. This act builds trust and confident with your employees and at the long run, you get a good team to work with.

4. Share personal development goals

Being a leader does not mean you are the smartest person with all the ideas or the most intelligent among your team. You are as human as said before and no human is perfect. Identify and share your development goals with your employees to open a two-way feedback dialogue, and also be introduced to new possible ideas. In another way, employees get a connection to comfortably access and help you as you also get the chance to do so freely with them. All this in the end expands your wing as a leader, and makes you a better one for your employees. Don’t come across as perfect and think you have everything figured out.


Dedicate yourself to this simple tips and work once and for all on becoming a more successful leader. It takes only you to make it happen. Open up.