11 Bad Habits To Break To Be A Successful Person

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Written by Aaron


We all let bad habits worsen and become part of our regular execution. Some of these habits are worse than others, but collectively our bad habits draw us away from achieving the success we desire even when we are not aware of their existence.

In a study conducted by successful entrepreneurs, business advisers and online-marketing professionals, it shows that many of the young entrepreneurs aren’t reaching their full potential with less idea why so. These people have all it takes – great ideas for their startups and financial backing – to make it a reality. But no matter how hard they try, they keep coming up short.

Could this you? Do you believe you should be successful but can’t get quite where you want to be?

Success demands self-knowledge. You must be able to see yourself and your habits clearly so you can change them before they stunt your potential.

Step one, of course, is recognizing the habits to eliminate. Below are eleven habits I see most common which needs to be considered in other for one to achieve success.

 1. Procrastination.

 Due to research, “about 80% people are at their best earlier in the day, before they’ve reached the brain fatigue of afternoon and evening.” In this case, saving your hardest or most important tasks for later will make your less active and it’s likely you will leave some work undone. The energy to devote in other to perform a task right won’t be there.

Tackle the difficult tasks early in the day to improves your work productivity and relax as your day unfolds. Finish the day with nothing hanging over your head by accomplishing what you needed to do. It saves you stress the next day and even after your is over.

2. Multitasking.

Just because you think you’re good at multitasking doesn’t mean it’s the best way to get things done. In fact,Studies have proved that “multitasking reduces the amount of short-term memory you retain from your task. Over time, this reduces your amount of long-term memory as well.” The fact that you can perform many task at ones doesn’t mean it’s the a good habit. Following this pattern makes you lose some important details, limit your ability to focus, leads to mistakes and end up with you learning less. Get all your tasks done- one at a time- with maximum concentration.

3. Being Un-coachable

All successful people have coaches. To get better at what you do; be proactive and receptive about getting input from colleagues or people greater than you; always be open to constructive criticism; and most of all, always get a feedback from any trusted source. With these, and many other more, you can’t help but get better and achieve success. Get a life and a career coach to help shape you, be it your relative or an outsider who has the ability.

4. Not Recalibrating And Adapting

Change is the law of life. Adapting changes to your plans when the systems has changed requires the sincerity and regularity of making adjustments both internal and external and also a responsive mentality. Adapt to every change and never let go of your plans. “When you can’t change the direction of the wind, just adjust your sails.” Also remember, too much change creates inefficiency.

5. Being a perfectionist.

Stop sabotaging yourself by living in the fear of doing a task wrongly. If you let the idea of perfectionist cross your mind, you won’t be               able to begin the day’s task. Striving for perfection freezes up creativity and joy, making your task longer, more difficult and not as fun.

Give yourself permission to create imperfectly. Don’t wait till you know the details, or until you are perfect in other to start a                               task. Greatness comes from many failures and do-overs.

6.Not Being Proactive and Disciplined about Learning and Reading

To be a successful fellow, one has to cultivate the habit of constantly gaining knowledge. The most successful people in the world are esurient readers and learners. They always commit time to learning because they know it will make them far more successful when the need arises to carry out an important task.

7. You ignore the Alarm.

 Several studies have proved 15 minutes of extra time after the alarm rings in the morning won’t help you feel less tired. To feel recharge            in the morning, pressing the snooze button will do you no good. Research has found a long time ago that you need deep REM sleep to              recharge. Snoozing in actual sense makes you more tired and fatigued. Don’t waste your time by allowing some time more. Get up                      when your alarm sounds, and start incorporating healthy morning habits that will help boost your alertness and energy.

8. Not Being Purposeful about Time

To be successful on what you do, you have to be a good time manager. Time is like a stream, once it pass you by, there is no way you can catch up. What do you do first thing in the morning to set up your day? How do you keep yourself focused on important tasks without any form of distraction? How do you give yourself intentional breaks and how disciplined are you to get back to your task once you are refreshed after the break? Do you put your task to later? Or do you simply stick to your time and get things done? Manage you time wisely to achieve a greater success.

9. Not Planning Ahead

It is impossible to consistently achieve success without a good plan as your foundation even though plans are likely to change. You can start with knowing the best way to start your tomorrow when you get done with your today’s work. You similarly should have a plan for the whole week, the month, as much as the year. Always plan head and don’t give in to “whatever comes” or let someone dictate where you should focus.


10. You’re obsessively distracted.

 Focus is one of the essential ingredients when it comes to performing a successful task. Quick checking your social media accounts,                   answering the phone, getting a snack, surfing the internet, texting someone back quickly while you’re in the middle of a tasks pulls you             away from concentrating or focusing intensely. If you don’t wish to waste your whole day, stop interrupting yourself.

 Set a period of time for yourself. Turn off the distractions, close your door and focus until an unquestionable time period then you                     break.  You can make your call, text or eat after the time is up. And then have the discipline to return to the task at hand as soon as                     possible.

11. Seeking attention and recognition

Just because you’re first and the last to leave the office does not necessarily mean you’re productive, or successful or people will like you. Be in the habit of delivering value to your chances, and prioritizing quality interactions and activities than reaching an arbitrary quantity metric to be recognized.

Don’t let bad habits rule your life or deny you the drive for achieving success. One at a time, focus and change all your bad habits to achieve the success you deserve and require. You can’t outwork unhealthy patterns. The best way to ditch a bad habit is to embrace a good one in its place. Now, as all is said and done, i would also recommend you catch some reality through friction, by watching these set of movies as an entrepreneur.