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15 Richest Kids In The World

Written by Aaron

1. Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise

Shuri is an 11-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise(actor) and  Kate Holmes(actress and model). Though she has not been with her father for a long time since her parent divorced. Tom Cruise, her father, is worth an estimate of $500 million and her mother is worth $26 million. Meanwhile, Suri has already began to take some acting and modeling  positions which makes her among the list of richest kids in the world.





9. Rico Rodriguez

American actor Rico Rodriguez is popular for his role as Manny Delgado in the ABC sitcom Modern Family. According to his contract, he earns approximately $75,000 per episode in the current season of the show. Should the hit series continue up to its eighth season, he could potentially earn a staggering $115,000 per episode plus $2500-per-episode bonus if it reaches the required minimum ratings. Which therefore will earn him a total of $2.8 million by the end of season eight.


10. Jaylen Bledsoe

At the age of 15, Jaylen created his tech startup, Bledsoe Technologies, and turned it into a multi-million dollar enterprise . His startup, an IT consulting company, has helped  companies with website design, graphics and other technology consulting services and still continues to do so. It employs over 150 contract employees from all over the world as at now.  He is worth $3.5 million.


11. Nick D’aloisio

Nick D’aloisio

Nick D’aloisio, a 19-years-old computer programmer from United Kingdom.

At the age of 15, Nick became an internet entrepreneur. In 2012, he created an app called Summly which summarises news articles and shortens them into smaller chunks so they become an easier read. This application wins the best app in 2012 by Apple but he then sells it to Yahoo for $30 million to focus on schooling. He received many accolades including Wall Street Journal’s “Innovator of the Year”, TIME Magazine’s one of the world’s most influential teenagers &.c. He also won the Apple Design Award at WWDC in 2014. Currently, pursuing Computer Science and Philosophy from Hertford College, Oxford University. D’aloisio is one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the world.


12. Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt

Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt

Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt are twins of Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. When they were born in 2008, in a seaside hospital in Nice, France. The first picture of the twins was reportedly sold to Peoples Magazine desperately for $14 million. Which became the most expensive celebrity photographs ever taken. This contributed in their worth with respect to the huge trust fund set for them by their wealthy parents. Among their siblings, rumor has it that; Knox and Vivienne have the biggest financial pull with both their effort and that of their parents.


13. Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz had her first nomination, a year after she was starred in ‘The Amityville Horror’ -the first movie in her acting carrer, 2014. Moretz has since become very popular after she kicks some ass as Hit Girl in the film Kick Ass; scared the wits out of us in the supernatural horror film Carrie; and broke many hearts in If I Stay.


14. Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter, the adorable daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z is already worth an estimate of $1 billion even before she entered kindergarten. She is also mark as one of the youngest richest kids in the world.


15. Willow Smith

Willow Camille Reign Smith; the younger of the Smith kids was first seen on film in 2007 in I Am Legend. She got her breakthrough as an artist during the release of her hit song Whip My Hair in 2010. This signed her to the record label Roc Nation, owned by Jay-Z, making her the youngest artist signed by them. Her song popped at No.11 in the Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for Video of the Year at the BET Awards of 2011. Willow’s singing and performing skills have made her richer by a little over 5 million even before she becomes old enough to drive.