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Amazing Romantic ways of Proposing To Your Lady

Amazing Romantic ways of Proposing To Your Lady
Written by Aaron


The lovers sure Way For Proposing

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At a point in time we all get stuck with how to move our love life to the next level, which is getting our loved ones to spend the rest of their life’s with us. It’s been proved that about 70% of men lack this skill of proposing and I am here to put your worries to rest with this authentically unique brilliant proposal ideas that she can’t resist and make her remember it till forever. Take a cup of coffee and read through whiles you relax to delve in the beauty of this wonderful insightful points.

  • Message in the bottle:  this style express eternal love, excitement, and desire. Choose a bottle from their expensive collection and write your proposing love letter. Your letter is then aged, placed in the bottle and delivered in an authentic wooden treasure box. In addition, you can engrave a very special message to your partner on the bottle as well. This is a truly unique proposal idea that your partner will never forget.


  • A website: Declare your love publicly with the help of a website. With this you can connect to her friends and family regarding your proposal. All you have to do is to create a website asking your beloved to marry you. Make sure you will be there when she’s going through, then get down on your knees when they are done.


  • A Card: This card should be delivered to your sweetie at work by someone. Include a romantic love poem that tells them exactly what they mean to you and at the end of it, ask for their hand in marriage. Be present while the card is delivered and be ready to surprise them after they’ve received the card.


  • Test Message: Get everything planed then ask your sweetie to take a walk with you at a park. While you’re out about and they least expects it, send them a message telling them how much they mean to you and also asking them to marry you. They’ll be surprised to receive a message on their cell whiles you are together. After they read it, get on one knee and wrap them up close and ask them to spend the rest of their life with you.


  • Computer screen saver: If your lover works with a computer, set up the screen saver to be the proposal, and be around when it pops up. To do this on a windows machine, simply right click on the desktop and select ‘properties’. Click on the ‘screensaver’ tab. Select ‘3D Text’ and then click ‘settings’ to change the text. She’ll be pleasantly surprised when she walks up to the computer and see’s your proposal. Be waiting with flowers and the ring behind her.


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  • Present to her three long-stemmed roses and tell her that one represents the past, one represent present, and one represents your future. Have the ring tied to the last rose and then get down on one knee and propose.


  • Spell out the words “Will you marry me” on any support which see can see by just stepping in the room- maybe a wall. As she reads your message, get down on one knee and propose.


  • A ring box: Put the ring box in the bottom of a box filled with rose petals and two live butterflies. Tell her that the gift was sudden, but special, and was a token of appreciation. Let her open the box and when she does, the butterflies will fly out and she’ll be in awe. She’ll find the ring box at the bottom and when she does, tell her how much she means to you or what you feel and ask her for her hand in marriage.


  • Place the ring in the bud of the rose. When she goes to smell the lovely rose you got her, it will surprise her to find a ring within the petals!


  • Give her something unique and original: Give her a single, rare flower (check out the symbolism of flowers to help you choose) with the ring tied to the stem of the flower. When you give her the flower, tell her that you’ve found a love so rare and want to hold on to it for the rest of your life.


  • Give her 11 -or more if you desire- roses with one fake one in the middle. Tell her your love for her will end when the last petal falls. Propose when she figures out that the rose in the middle wont lose its petals.


romantic proposal


  • Twelve days before the day you decide to propose, begin sending her a single rose each day leading to the 12th day. On the 12th day, she will expect a last rose to complete her dozen. Instead, surprise her with a full dozen roses and a ring and ask for her hand in marriage.


  • At the park, use the ring to clasp a small bunch of wildflowers together. When she notices it, get down on one knee and propose.


  • Splash in the puddles and act like kids again. Bend down and tell her that you found something in one of the puddles. When you come up, stay on one knee and present her with the ring and your proposal.


  • Go for a walk in the rain without umbrellas for an incredibly intimate and romantic experience. Pause under a tree, wipe the rain drops from her lips, lead down and kiss her, then drop to one knee and pull out the ring.


  • Take your sweetheart to a nice restaurant with a private room. Reserve the room for the evening and get a small table for two which they will place inside for the two of you. Have a private pianist play or make your own soundtracks for the evening. If she likes to dance have one for the meal and one to dance to (keep it romantic—slow stuff only). After dancing, sit her down to give her a gift. Hand her a large red velvet jewelry box (necklace size), inside place an old key. When she asks what it is tell her it is the key to your heart, then tell to take it out to wear it. Attach a very long length of ribbon to the key necklace, and to that ribbon attach the ring. Enjoy your desert afterwards.


  • Take a special Sunday, and on that Sunday morning, cook breakfast together in your pajamas. As you heat up the pan, ask you’re your sweetheart to grab the egg from the fridge, Plan ahead and have the ring inside the egg carton in place of one of the eggs. As she opens the carton, get down on one knee and ask her hand in marriage.


  • Take your lady to a restaurant and after dinner have the waiter bring out an exquisite dessert with the words “Will you marry me?” written around the serving dish in icing or chocolate syrup.


  • Take her to a restaurant that the two of you consider your favorite. Before you go, arrange a special menu which has your proposal printed inside.  Ask the waiter to hand her the menu. Now, when she opens it and reads the proposal, get down on one knee and propose.

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  • On  your birthday while you hold a party with her by your side, order a special cake that they can put your picture on and have the picture be of you all dress up and down on one knee holding up a handmade sign that says “Will you marry me (her name)?” Don’t include the picture of the ring in the photo. Keep the cake cool and hidden until a set of time when you will announce to everyone that you have a truly outstanding dessert which everyone should admire. Gather everyone to witness your dessert (with the ring ready in your pocket) and present the cake. Once she has seen the cake, bring her to the middle of the crowd. Then get down on your knee again and this time show her the engagement ring.


  • Have a picnic in a secluded area preferably by a lake, ocean or nature in your area . Make all the food yourself and save dessert for last, and tell her much she’s going to enjoy the dessert. Place the ring in a box made of chocolate or visit the candy store for a special one. When it’s time for dessert, give her the box and be ready to get on your knee to propose.


  • Take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant and excuse yourself to go to the washroom. But instead, leave to find the waiter or waitress and tell them your plans. Order your girlfriends favorite dessert and have the waiter put the ring on the top. Be sure to have them wait and bring it out after you are back at the table. Be ready to get down on one knee and propose; while the waiter is putting the dessert down in front of her.


  • Surprise her with a room filled with balloons. Inside each balloon, put a love note (such as “I love you.” You mean the world to me.” etc.) Hidden under the collection of balloons is a box containing the ring. She’ll have to pop all of your “love notes” to get to the proposal! When she finds it, get down on one knee and propose.

With these tips at your finger tips, you can make your partner feel loved and needed. Grasp it, use it and blossom in the joy that it brings. Have an unforgettable memory with any of these amazing ways and live your life blissfully with the love of your life.