Mens Splendid African Wear For Any Given Occasion

African wear
Written by Aaron

You begin to feel sorry for yourself and think, “Why does this always happen to ME? Why do people always slay in occasions in African wear but I always miss out?”

Everyone agrees that being well dressed is good. It boosts your confidence, brightens  your day, calms your mind, allows your self esteem to blossom and helps you to enjoy every occasion that you attend. With you in mind,we’ve putting it up to ourselves to help you also slay in every other occasion.

So many time Fashion Designers limit themselves when it comes to the design and execution of African wear or African prints.

Not long ago a Fashion Designer friend of mine confronted me in a discourse on this exact topic. I was with the view that, there are limitless fashion designs he could create from African prints to sew African Wear. This just to show the world how African print wears rock!

Here are some African print ideas to keep in mind when you want to slay in African wear! Show them to your Designer and slay in them hands down.

Oops! Some things are for Men Only! I have a dedicated article on Splendid African Wear for ladies for all occasions here.


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Office African wear: Be desired at the Office.

Executive wear

Vest African wear

Vest wear: an alternative nice wear for office.

Traditional African Wear

Traditional Wear: you can as well wear it to traditional wedding.

Casual African Wear

Casual Wear: Alternatively a beach wear.

Another Casual African Wear

Another Casual Wear: Alternatively a beach wear.

Wedding African Wear

Wedding Wear: You can as well wear this to church.

Student African Wear

Student Wear: You can wear it to wedding also.

Casual African Wear

Casual Wear

Wedding Wear

Wedding Wear: Wear this for wedding or Church see you slay it all.


Casual African Wear

Casual Wear: Alternate Beach wear 

African Church wear

Church Wear: You can as well wear it to traditional marriage ceremony and slay

Casual African Wear

Casual Wear: All occasions wear.